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Jennifer Inatomi
Based in Los Angeles, California, USA

Hi! Welcome! Meet Jennifer, she is currently a Senior at California State University Northridge majoring in Television Production. As an alumna from Citrus College, she has an AA in Film Studies at which has created the foundation of where she is today. Within her first few years of college, she has worked on a couple of her own short films as a writer and director as well as an editor for different projects she's been invited to. As a bi-racial Asian Latina, she aspires to work in the Television Industry - continuing to tell the stories of the untold, pushing for diversity and creating safe spaces for storytelling for all. 

Besides working behind the camera, she has had experience in theater tech - understanding what it takes to put together staging, lighting and the intensive time it takes for various music events and even award shows. She is always on the look out for new projects, and ways to continue upskilling herself as she navigates the film industry. 


Based in the greater Los Angeles Area

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Look forward to connecting!

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